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Are you ready to refresh your business with new content to spark your audience’s attention? Get ready to sit back, relax and let the words come to you with Words by Marian’s customized SEO copywriting.

It’s my mission to provide you with content that accelerates your business and turns curious readers into dedicated customers.

Let’s turn your readers into customers

My mission is to turn your readers into loyal customers

If you’ve ever gotten stuck trying to write pure gold for your website, email campaign, blog or social media to share with your readers, you’ve experienced what copywriting is. The process of crafting together words that simultaneously engage your target audience and convince them to read more, and purchase from you, is the essence of copywriting.

As a copywriter, it’s my job to alleviate the headache that comes from writers’ block, or working hard on various projects all night only to read it the next morning and despise it. I take over the copywriting for you and write, proofread and edit copy with strong SEO language designed to tell a story to your readers and excite them about you and your business.


SEO content creation for your business; online workbooks, courses, Instagram and Facebook posts to keep your audience updated.


SEO writing for your blog and social media posts, novels, email campaigns, etc. Through my words, your voice and ideas are amplified to your readers!


For projects you haven’t gotten around to editing, allow me to help you complete it. I offer full copyedits that include refining grammar and consistency.



Need a second pair of eyes to check your work? I provide detailed analyses of your own copy for perfect grammar and storytelling.

Whether you’re just starting out and need content fast to build your brand, or if you’re an established entrepreneur who’s too busy to write dozens of articles, Words by Marian is at your service.

Nice to meet you

Hi there, I’m Marian!

I love writing about what inspires you and crafting it into stories that then inspire your audience to become customers.

Writing should produce results, and if you notice your clientele or web traffic is stagnating, it’s because it’s time to refresh your copy to connect with your readers, make them feel seen and heard and reveal to them what they’ve been missing out on with your business!

Marian is incredible!

I’m good with talking, but not with words and she was able to take my jumbled mess of thoughts and ideas and turn it into a clear and concise message for my podcast listeners. I was so impressed with her professionalism and efficiency. If you need copywriting assistance, I highly recommend Words by Marian! You will not be disappointed!

Aubree Malick, Business Strategist and Podcast Host of “Mom With Purpose”

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